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SamCreative is a boutique firm providing personalized business and marketing support services, photography, and ad specialty products for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The "Sam" in SamCreative is the team of "Scott and Marilyn," whose early career paths sent them in separate but complementary directions. Both are creative and detail oriented, with unique strengths.

When combined, they pair perfectly, benefitting the clients they serve with a complete package of skills that are broadly helpful for small business success.

Marilyn Korsten
organized creative

Marilyn isn't your typical MBA graduate. Sure, she has all the traits you might expect from a highly-educated and successful person; she's motivated, hard-working, organized, detail oriented, and competitive. But, what makes her unique is that she is also naturally creative, artistic, and deeply relational. In fact, many friends, family, and colleagues would count her among the kindest and most supportive people they know. She loves a challenge and enjoys working as a team to create solutions.

Scott Korsten
creative tech

We'll let you decide who is the more organized of the two, but Scott claims he isn't vying for the title. Not that details aren't his thing; he loves data and the ability to make informed decisions. He also enjoys the technical side of creating and is known to completely immerse himself in projects that require focus and attention. He loves helping others succeed and enjoys playing an active role in "making things happen."

Scott and Marilyn took early leave from successful careers to explore and develop the idea that would become SamCreative, fulfilling their dream of working together.


"Each of us brings a wealth of experience to the table that we'd love to share with you. If your current needs find you curious to learn more, contact us to see how our strengths can support yours."

~ Scott & Marilyn

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