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Tribute Video

A prominent surgeon was transitioning out of the operating room and his wife wanted to create a retirement video as a surprise gift for him. The initial idea of a simple retirement video changed rapidly, as the gift from our client to her husband evolved into a broader tribute to him.


We were initially provided with a list of colleagues, friends and family to speak with. As we began to schedule and complete interviews, it became clear that a deeper narrative was developing, one that was more personal and meaningful than retirement alone.


With our client's full support the project quickly shifted, expanding from a "job well done" video to a "life well lived" tribute.

Over the course of 2-1/2 months, 40+ interviews (most in-person, but some via zoom) and 19 location set-ups, the interviews were greatly condensed and organized into the segments that follow, creating a video perspective of a man they all know and admire.

01 (0:30)


This personal introduction is the perfect way to set the expectation for the surprise that is to come.

"You're going to hear from colleagues and staff; you're going to hear from friends from every corner of your life..."

02 (8:59)

The Surgeon

Business partners, staff and colleagues provide a glimpse into this incredible surgeon's career.

"He is a special man. He's an incredible surgeon, dedicated to his craft, dedicated to his patients."

03 (5:00)

Friends Along the Way

Those who hold a very special place as friends share thoughts about that friendship. 

"He's one of the most peaceful, unassuming, amazing guys I know. Just so much fun to spend time with."

04 (3:12)

The Outdoorsman

Many of our interviews contributed observations into our honoree's lifelong passion for the outdoors.

"He's just always been one to connect with nature. As soon as he gets to the outdoors...his heart-rate goes in half. That is where he is at peace."

"Family was very important to him. And in the same way, he knew our families were important to us too."

07 (9:19)


Adult children and their spouses reflect on how meaningful their father and father-in-law has been in their lives.

"Whether it was at work, or it was at home, he gave everything that he had, probably to a point where he had nothing left to give."

05 (2:09)

Blessed Among All

Partners in life, clearly dedicated to each other, became the best team.

"Looking at them, like Dad's been able to have the career and build the legacy that he has because Mom is who she is. And likewise Mom has been able to be the person she is and do the things she's done because Dad is who he is." 

06 (3:03)

Family Man

Friends and colleagues share observations about the importance of family.

08 (9:51)

Legacy | Best Wishes

Best wishes complete this video tribute.

"I hope that he finds deep joy and happiness in everything in life. The simple things, the large things, everything!"

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